The Woman With 7 Personalities

The Woman With 7 Personalities is a documentary on “Helen”, a woman experiencing Dissociative Identity Disorder, otherwise more commonly known as Multiple Personality Disorder.

Switching between her various personas, Helen has seemingly become lost in the worlds built by her mental illness. Each switch of persona leaves her confused and sometimes forgetful to where she is.

Childhood friend filmmaker Ruth Selwyn documents Helen’s life and tries to understand her Multiple Personality Disorder. Although Ruth and Helen have known each other since childhood, it’s only just recently (in the documentary timeline) that they have met again.

The documentary shows Helen’s various personas and seek the views of different psychology experts as to why she suffers from this rare condition. While experts acknowledge her disorder, the general struggles a person who has it experiences, and the plausible explanation on the cause of the disorder, the documentary leaves the viewers still searching for concrete answers about Helen’s case.

Is Helen’s Multiple Personality Disorder case really so severe? Or is she just creating an elaborate theatrical roleplay?

The Woman With 7 Personalities
  • Info
  • Release date2004
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Ruth Selwyn
  • Production companyZig Zag Productions