The Vikings

The Vikings is a historical documentary taking a look at the ancient civilization of Vikings.

1200 years ago, these vicious warriors led an onslaught on villages and monasteries along the coastal shores of France and England.

The were the Vikings, a group of people from Denmark, Sweden and Norway who’s name spread fear in Dark Age Europe.

Often simplified to be the barbarians of the north, history tells another story.

Although the Vikings were mostly famed as being savage marauders, they were also traders, builders and seafaring explorers.

Their lust for adventure knew no bounds, faring as far as North America and deep into inland European river systems.

Because of these traits, the Viking civilization had a profound impact on Europe. One which would have a lasting historical influence.

Digging into the North European past, we’ll unravel the world of the Vikings – along with their skills as warriors, trading system, exploration tactics, Nordic religion, superior shipbuilding technology and overall cultural influence.

The Vikings
  • Info
  • Release date2000
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Mikael Agaton
  • Part of the seriesNOVA
  • Production companyPBS