The Track of the Tuna

Dive into the deep ocean and find out more about tuna fish. Prized as the most sought after fish in the world, tuna fish have been fished for over 4000 years by fishermen around the world.

During the antiquity they were hailed as the “manna of the oceans”. Only since the industrial fishing industry became a major market during the 20th century, has the gourmet community become a threat to the tuna population.

Most of the tuna species are overfished and some are endangered. Today, only 8% of the once giant tuna population is left.

In The Track of the Tuna we’ll explore the remaining tuna population with the German oceanographic biologist Boris Frentzel-Beyme. He is on the search for tuna that migrate from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean from April to June in order to spawn.

A research vessel takes him from the Atlantic coast of Morocco to the Turkish Aegean Sea. Here he visits all the known tuna spawning spots and meets up with fishermen and experts on location.

To better understand the world of tunas and the environmental disaster they face, Boris sets out across the Mediterranean ocean.

Here, he and his documentary film crew showcase the very best oceanography and gives us a taste as to why tunas are so important.

The Track of the Tuna
  • Info
  • Release date2006
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Sigurd Tesche
  • Production companyStudio Hamburg