The Secret History of Genghis Khan

Said to be the greatest warlord in history, Mongolian Genghis Khan came from humble beginnings to forging an empire. But who was he and how did he do it?

The Secret History of Genghis Khan takes a look at the man behind the legend from the perspective of Genghis Khan’s adopted son.

He reveals a very different man to the brutal butcher of Western legend. Not just a womaniser, but a devoted husband. Not just a warrior, but a politician. Not just a conqueror, but a legislator.

A man who wanted the lessons he had learnt – good and bad – to be passed onto his successors.

Within the old written testaments of the Genghis Khan’s adopted son lies the inside story of how an illiterate nomad inspired his successors to conquer the largest land empire the world has ever seen.

The Secret History of Genghis Khan
  • Info
  • Release date2006
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Heinz Leger
  • Part of the seriesTimewatch
  • Production companyBBC