The Man With The Seven Second Memory

Follow the life of Clive Wearing, a man who suffers from one of the worst cases of amnesia in the world.

Once a talented and renowned conductor and musician, Clive befell tragedy in 1985 as a virus caused massive decimation to his brain.

Although doctors were able to save him from an otherwise sure death, the damage to his brain left him with memory spans only lasting seven seconds.

The only person Clive recognises is his wife Deborah and the only remaining memories are his abilities to play music.

Throughout the film we are introduced to the realities of what Clive goes through on a day to day basis, a struggle which is crippling towards a normal and healthy lifestyle.

For us, the bewildering questions as to how it would be to be trapped in a bubble of forgetfulness lingers. A torment of thoughts which never comes to full fruition due to the memory loss mere seconds later.

Does Clive even know what happened to him? If he wakes up in the night, has it always been night for him? Without the memories of knowing, how far does thought retain itself for Clive? Would he have preferred to be dead over a life of amnesia?

Even if there were no answers, the interest for the human mind and how the human mind reacts being in an perpetual state of amnesia is both fascinating and utterly devastating.

Thankfully The Man With The Seven Second Memory is not shot to milk an emotional human tragedy, but rather films to understand and seeks to remain respectful towards the people involved.

The Man With The Seven Second Memory
  • Info
  • Release date2005
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Jane Treays
  • Production companyGranada Television