You manage to steady yourself and regain control. Straightening your back, you now look down at the old man in front of you. Pain dissipates as adrenalin courses through you.

Noticing your change of stance the old man speaks again.

“I’m Maldred, as you’ve probably forgotten again. You and I were supposed to go the village beyond these hills over there”.

Maldred gestures behind you to the far side of the horizon. Green hills paint the landscape in various sizes.

You spit on the ground and finally manage to respond in a raspy voice.

“And what, exactly, were we supposed to do there Maldred?”

Unfolding your arms to gesture at the dead bodies around you, you continue in a louder tone.

“And what happened here? There’s dead people everywhere! What the hell happened?”

Maldred lands his staff in the dirt in front of you and lends it some of his body weight.

“You did that. Now come along, I’m tired of always having to explain.”