You tense your muscles and get up from the ground. The sudden lack of blood to your head makes it a dizzy experience.

Although you notice the war torn battlefield around you, you have no idea how you’ve ended up here nor who the old man in front of you is.

You try to speak but lose to the pain of your body, only a groan escapes your mouth.

The old man jumps down from the rock and slowly paces towards you.

As he stands right in front of you he puffs his pipe once again, followed by blowing a thick smoke cloud right into your face. Caught in the smoke, you back away slowly as you watch his pearly white grin in the haze.

Out of nowhere the old man strikes you across the face with a resounding slap.

In Dungeons and Dragons you can pretty much do anything you’d like.
If it wasn’t for the limiting factor of this tutorial, there’d be a multitude of choices right now.
For the sake of learning, however, let’s stick to a basic learning curve.
When you’re ready, continue your journey.