The Earth’s Riches

Examine some of our planet’s most widely used minerals, as The Earth’s Riches introduces us to modern mining and the implementation of these minerals in our industries and technologies.

The series takes a look at copper, nickle and iron – metals which has become essential to our modern technologically integrated life, filling the components to create everything from smartphones to spaceships.

This has made the metal industry a major component of the world economy, an industry which has taken up mining all across the world.

Yet the metals extracted and refined from our planet is still an arduous and dangerous process, not only for the workers but for the surrounding environment.

To gauge the level this industry has reached, we’ll join filmmaker Kristian Kähler in his pursuit of knowledge.

Episode 1: Copper from Chile

Episode 1: Copper from Chile

In this first episode we’ll examine copper, a mineral used for millennia by human kind.

An entire age was named after the metal as it saw such forward propelling advancements to humanity, first in its pure form and then as an alloy.

Today, copper is used more than ever before. Copper is really good for conducting heat, electricity and doesn’t rust. Because of this, it makes excellent wiring and heat exchangers.

The Earth’s Riches
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  • Release date2011
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)kristian kähler