Sunday in Brazzaville

Pink Suits, Hip-Hop and Catch in a Crazy Congo Weekend

More than a decade ago, Brazzaville was considered the worst city in the world to live in. But beyond the war and suffering, there exists a different side to the City.

In Sunday in Brazzaville, young radio talk show host, Carlos La Menace, unveils in his weekend show three figures of Congo’s capital, Brazzaville.

Like The Congo Dandies, Sunday in Brazzaville explores “La Sape”, a group of fashion-conscious men.

The Sapeurs adhere to a subculture of high fashion. While they may be surrounded by extreme poverty, they are always dressed impeccably in Versace or Prada, as Yves Saint Laurent, the president of the Sapeur Association, explains.

Elsewhere, rapper Cheriff Bakala is working on recording his first album in a country with almost no producers. Bakala is not a usual rapper; he mixes hip hop with Congolese folk, and uses local instruments, such as drums made out of water cans.

And finally, Palmas Yaya, Brazzaville’s wrestling champion is relying on voodoo to defend his title at a crucial moment in his life.

Sunday in Brazzaville
  • Info
  • Release date2011
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Enric Bach, Adrià Monés
  • Production companyFasten Films