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La Ciudad de las Bestias

Famed Spanish writer Isabel Allende’s book La Ciudad de las Bestias (City of the Beasts) stands as both a fantastic story and an amazing tool to expand your Spanish language learning.

Set in the Amazon rainforest, the story evolves around 15 year-old Alexander Cold and an expedition into the deep jungles of Brazil – a place with a multitude of mysteries, great adventures and beasts unlike any Alexander has ever seen.

To enhance your Spanish language learning, teacher Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell at has gone ahead to develop a free reading guide for anyone to utilize while reading La Ciudad de las Bestias.

With the reading guide in hand you should be able to maximise your Spanish language learning skills with the book and gain a favourable amount of knowledge on your path to Spanish Fluency!

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Author: Isabel Allende
ISBN: 9780060510329