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La Casa de los Espíritus

Written by Isabel Allende in 1982, La Casa de los Espíritus (House of the Spirits) is a great addition for anyone looking to improve their Spanish language from intermediate to more advanced.

Freely supplied and hosted by, the Spanish book indulges the reader in a thrilling story, perfect for Spanish language immersion.

La Casa de los Espíritus follows the life of the Trueba family spanning across four different generations. Following these different time periods, the book is able to trace the post-colonial social times and the results of political upheavals in Chile due to these happenings.

Although some Spanish language learners believe this to be a harder book to read, the recommendation is to read it out of pleasure rather than trounce through the book seeking the master the Spanish. A rereading is suggested for those parts which you don’t understand.

It is thought that pleasure reading correlates with vocabulary acquisition better than anything else in both first and second language.

If your choice is rather to study an intermediate Spanish novel like La Casa de los Espíritus, a better start is perhaps Allende’s book from 2002 La Ciudad de las Bestias – a novel which is more easily followed and with easier language geared towards a young adult.

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Author: Isabel Allende
ISBN: 9780525433477