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Cuentos de la selva

Published in 1918, Cuentos de la selva by Horacio Quiroga is yet another great tool to expand your beginner / intermediate Spanish vocabulary.

Commonly known as South American Jungle Tales in English, Cuentos de la selva has achieved great popularity over the years.

The book consists of a collection of eight short stories for children of all ages, permeated with tenderness and humor and filled with whimsical humor in which Quiroga captures the magic of the jungle.

These delightful stories are filled by talking animals and are cast in a fable mold, usually with an underlying moral.

The short stories range from a place where snakes throw glamorous parties with flamingos, stingrays who join forces to fight off man-eating jaguars, and a giant tortoise that carries a wounded man on its shell for hundreds of kilometers to bring him to safety.

Cuentos de la selva is another great introduction to the Spanish language and is highly recommended to easily expand ones vocabulary.

Other than a free PDF, the full stories are also available for free through the Horacio Quiroga foundation in both English and Spanish – a great way to explore and gain help on any particular harder Spanish words during the translation.

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From: Formación Docente Situada
Author: Horacio Quiroga
ISBN: 9788439280507