Sean Bean On Waterloo

Waterloo, one of history’s greatest and most conclusive battles. Marked in history on the 18th of June 1815, it was the decisive battle which ensured an end to the Napoleonic Wars.

The defeat of France and Napoleon led to almost four decades of international peace in Europe.

In this documentary series we’ll visit the epic battle of Waterloo re-enacted through present-day soldiers dressed in old French soldier attire.

We’ll meet experts in military history and get hands-on with the fighting equipment once used.

Actor Sean bean is here to guide us through all of Waterloo, chronologically dissecting the history behind it.

Sean includes a visit to the buildings at Hougoumont which witnessed some of the heaviest fighting. He also meets descendants of some of the soldiers who fought at Waterloo, to discover how they remember the achievements of their ancestors.

Being at the front-line of the re-enacted Waterloo battle, Sean Bean works with the soldiers of the Napoleonic Association to find out more about the infantry and artillery tactics used in the battle.

He also witnesses the damage caused by an original Waterloo cannon using live ammunition.

In Belgium he meets the archaeologists responsible for the unique discovery of the skeleton of a Waterloo soldier who died during the battle and whose remains lay undiscovered on the battlefield for almost 200 years, in the exact spot where the soldier died.

Sean Bean On Waterloo
  • Info
  • Release date2015
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Patrick McGrady
  • Production companyWavelength Films