Rick Steves’ Luther and the Reformation

Join Rick Steves as he investigates who Martin Luther was and the monumental changes he brought to Christianity.

Over five hundred years ago Europe was undergoing changes like never before. Coming out of the Dark Ages and opening up the Renaissance, this age saw a plethora of new discoveries. There were fantastic new ways of uncovering scientific studies, finding entirely new continents through exploration, artists were creating stunning pieces of works, nature was being utilized like never before and new ways of looking at religion was steadily becoming the norm. Europe was changing- and at the forefront of the religious change stood Martin Luther. But to understand how a humble monk became the father of protestantism and catalyst of the Reformation, we must go back to the very start.

Travel with Rick Steves as he opens Luther’s life and visits the iconic Reformation sites in Europe. Furthermore, follow along as Steve explores the complicated political world of 16th-century Europe — from indulgences to iconoclasts, and from the printing press to the Counter-Reformation. It’s a story of power, rebellion, and faith showcasing European history like never before.

Rick Steves’ Luther and the Reformation
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  • Release date2017
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  • Director(s)Rick Steves