Outbreak: The Truth About Ebola

Outbreak: The Truth About Ebola shows the devastating outbreak and widespread panic caused by the Ebola virus.

The film also shows how Ebola has spread multiple times, how it might reemerge at any time, and questions whether or not humanity is ready for future outbreaks.

The Ebola virus causes fever, body aches, and diarrhea, and sometimes bleeding inside and outside the body. As the virus spreads through the body, it attacks the immune system and organs.

Ultimately, it causes levels of blood-clotting cells to drop. This leads to severe, uncontrollable bleeding.

To understand the Ebola virus, Outbreak: The Truth About Ebola seeks to trace the roots of the outbreak back to the jungles of Guinea. Furthermore, the film also tracks down key witnesses and survivors responsible for its spread across West Africa.

This includes the father of Patient Zero, the child who was believed to be the first person to die in the outbreak, as well as a young woman considered to be among the first to bring Ebola across the border from Guinea to Sierra Leone.

In a world of rapid interconnections, tragic missteps like these proves again and again how we lack proper response to global epidemics.

Outbreak: The Truth About Ebola
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  • Release date2015
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Dan Edge
  • Part of the seriesThis World