Now Hear This: The Riddle of Bach

Violinist and conductor Scott Yoo travels to Germany in Europe to learn Bach’s solo violin works.

While unraveling his music, Yoo discovers a riddle that Bach left in his portrait.

While trying to solve it, Yoo and his wife, leading flutist Alice Dade, discovers that Bach based his melodic style on Vivaldi and his rhythms on the music of the French court.

It is a discovery which leads Yoo on a fantastic musical journey with an exciting finale in Paris.

Although Johann Sebastian Bach and Vivaldi lived at the same time, the two composers never actually met.

While the Italian master led the life of an international jetsetter, racing from one lucrative appointment to the next, Bach never strayed far away from home.

By unravelling the genius of Bach’s music, Scott Yoo gives a rich introduction to one of the greatest classical composers of all time – so hear and watch this; while we untangle The Riddle of Bach.

Now Hear This: The Riddle of Bach
  • Info
  • Release date2019
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Harry Lynch
  • Part of the seriesGreat Performances