Nightmares of Neutron Stars

How the universe works

Travel through space as we investigate the strange astronomy phenomenon of neutron stars. They defy the laws of physics and are able to rip planets and stars apart.

Observed neutron stars are very hot and can have surface temperatures ranging from millions of degrees.

They are so dense that a normal-sized matchbox containing neutron-star material would have a weight of approximately 3 billion tonnes, the same weight as a 0.5 cubic kilometre chunk of the Earth (or a cube with edges of about 800 metres).

The neutron star’s magnetic fields are between 108 and 1015 (100 million to 1 quadrillion) times as strong than that of the Earths. The gravitational field at the neutron star’s surface is about 2×1011 (200 billion) times that of the Earth.

As we delve deeper into Nightmares of Neutron Stars, we’ll unlock even more of the mysterious latest facts and observations we have on the neutron stars.

Nightmares of Neutron Stars
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  • Release date2019
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  • Director(s)Paul O'Connor
  • Part of the seriesHow The Universe Works
  • Production companyPioneer Productions