Natural Born Genius

How much of our intelligence are we born with and how much develops due to experience? Is alarming acumen or imbecilic ignorance pre-determined?

Professor Plomin believes that the answers lie in our genetic make-up and that the ‘g’ – general cognitive ability – gene can be isolated in our DNA.

The findings are the product of six years of intensive research by Plomin and his team in the US.

Not only are there huge social and educational implications but also serious ethical implications.

Once a gene has been isolated there is potential for manipulation and discrimination.

At a time when bio-ethics, eugenics, genetic determinism and genetic modification are dominating column inches, Equinox tackles a topical hot potato.

Natural Born Genius
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  • Release date1997
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)David Presswell
  • Production companyJohn Gau Productions