My Life as a Turkey

My Life as a Turkey features Biologist Joe Hutto as he undertakes the all-encompassing experiment of raising sixteen wild turkeys from egg to fully grown turkeys.

Hutto has a broad background in natural sciences and an interest in imprinting young animals. This imprinting could answer a long amount of biological questions towards what learned turkey behaviour is versus what mother nature has instilled through evolutionary traits.

When the turkeys break out of their egg-shells, they lock eyes with their unusual – but dedicated – human mother. This imprinting secures Joe Hutto’s parenthood and starts the natural experiment.

As the documentary proceeds, we witness how their bond grows stronger and Joe’s dutiful parenting.

He finds himself roosting with them, foraging, and all-together immersing himself in their turkey world. In the process, the turkeys reveal their charming curiosity and surprising intellect.

My Life as a Turkey
  • Info
  • Release date1 Aug., 2011
  • Full runtime59 min
  • Based on the bookIllumination in the Flatwoods By Joe Hutto
  • Presented and Narrated byJoe Hutto
  • Directed byFred Kaufman
  • Production companyPassion Pictures, THIRTEEN, BBC in association with WNET New York Public Media
  • Produced forBBC Natural World, PBS Nature