My Life as a Turkey

My Life as a Turkey features Biologist Joe Hutto as he undertakes the all-encompassing experiment of raising sixteen wild turkeys from egg to fully grown turkeys.

Hutto has a broad background in natural sciences and an interest in imprinting young animals. This imprinting could answer a long amount of biological questions towards what learned turkey behaviour is versus what mother nature has instilled through evolutionary traits.

When the turkeys break out of their egg-shells, they lock eyes with their unusual – but dedicated – human mother. This imprinting secures Joe Hutto’s parenthood and starts the natural experiment.

In this one of a kind turkey documentary, we witness how their bond grows stronger and Joe’s dutiful parenting.

He finds himself roosting with them, foraging, and all-together immersing himself in their turkey world. In the process, the turkeys reveal their charming curiosity and surprising intellect.

My Life as a Turkey
  • Info
  • Release date1 Aug., 2011
  • Full runtime59 min
  • Based on the bookIllumination in the Flatwoods By Joe Hutto
  • Presented and Narrated byJoe Hutto
  • Directed byFred Kaufman
  • Production companyPassion Pictures, THIRTEEN, BBC in association with WNET New York Public Media
  • Produced forBBC Natural World, PBS Nature