Mission Juno: Exploring Jupiter

Mission Juno: Exploring Jupiter explains the science of Jupiter and the exciting Juno mission – a probe launched by NASA in 2011 which arrived to Jupiter in 2016.

The documentary features interviews with scientists and engineers as they work on the probe while having interesting computer-generated imagery of the mission itself.

Travelling 400 million miles from Earth to Jupiter, Juno has examined Jupiter’s vast magnetic fields, its raging atmosphere and the interiors of the gigantic planet since 2016.

And since arriving, Juno has sent a vast amount of data home to us about Jupiter. To see some of this science and images shot by Juno, visit NASA’s Mission Juno.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. It is a giant ball of gas 300 times more massive than earth. It’s five times farther from the Sun than we are and a year on Jupiter is twelve times longer than ours – but a Jovian day is only ten hours long.

Join in, as this documentary explains the science of Jupiter, why this mission matters, the instruments on board and the scientists and engineers behind this mission.

Mission Juno: Exploring Jupiter
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  • Release date2011
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