Medieval Fight Book

In year 1459 a book was written which contained images so bizarre that even 500 years later their meaning is still shrouded in mystery.

Its 150 beautifully illustrated paper folios depicts a unique imagery of bloody, highly sophisticated combat, strange futuristic designs and inventions, ingenious engineering and judicial duels.

Its timeworn leather cover bears one simple inscription: Talhoffer. The mysterious fightmaster of the middle ages and the author of the mysterious medieval fight book.

Hans Talhoffer’s 1459 Fightbook (Fechtbuch) is one of medieval worlds’ most mysterious manuscripts, challenging the legends and myths that surrounded this so often misunderstood period of our history.

Today, the manuscript is located deep in the vaults of the Danish Royal Library.

In Medieval Fight Book we’ll join a documentary film crew and a team of historians as they test out most of the designs and inventions within Talhoffer’s book. Will the inventions live up to being usable?

Medieval Fight Book
  • Info
  • Release date2010
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Stuart Clarke
  • Production companyWild Dream Films