Love Rituals

Love Rituals follows German author and presenter Charlotte Roche, as she travels the world to discover different cultures’ love rituals and traditions.

Episode 1: Japan

Episode 1: Japan

Episode one follows Charlotte’s travel to the Japanese city of Kawasaki. Here, the Kanamara Matsuri festival takes place in spring and celebrates the phallus.

To further investigate Japan’s love rituals, Charlotte dives head first into the culture and traditions of love by listening to what the Japanese people have to say themselves.

Episode 2: Kenya

Episode 2: Kenya

The following second episode travels to Kenya where Charlotte observes an elaborate marriage.

Although the marriage is here to facilitate a bond of families and love, a dowry negotiations is mixed in to finalize the marriage.

In Kenyan culture, Charlotte realises, money and love coexist.

Episode 3: USA

Episode 3: USA

We’ll join up with Charlotte again in episode three. This time we’re travelling to New Orleans in USA.

Here we’ll discover voodoo, and how (to the locals) it could influence how you fall in love.

Episode 4: India

Episode 4: India

Journey to India in episode four, where a rigid codes govern love and marriage with the caste system that still haunts it to this present day.

Charlotte visits the Gangaur festival in Rajasthan where marital fidelity is celebrated to find out more about the their love rituals.

Episode 5: Israel

Episode 4: Israel

Examine more love rituals in episode four as we travel to Israel!

In this episode Charlotte encounters an age old belief that there is a soul mate for every person, somewhere in the world. You just have to find them.

Episode 6: Scotland

Episode 5: Scotland

The final episode travels to Orkney, off the northern coast of Scotland.

In Orkney Charlotte discovers the unusual and humorous pre-wedding custom of ‘Blackening’.

This entails how the bride and/or groom are ‘captured’ by friends and family, covered in food, or a variety of other – preferably adhesive – substances, then paraded publicly for the community to see.

Love Rituals
  • Info
  • Release date2019
  • Full runtime4 hours 30 minutes (6 episodes)
  • Presented byCharlotte Roche
  • Production CompanyARTE