Lord of the Ants

Lord of the Ants follows E.O. Wilson, an entomologist and professor at Havard who knows ants better than anyone in the world.

Being an acclaimed advocate for ants, biological diversity, and the controversial extension of Darwinian ideas to human society, Wilson has been completely engrossed in naturalism throughout his entire life.

Together with this film, we’ll visit some of the discoveries Wilson has made throughout his biological studies and learn about the vast diversity of ants.

Wilson has been dubbed “the father of sociobiology” and “the father of biodiversity” for his environmental advocacy.

Through his work, a new era of myrmecology (study of ants) became a reality as Wilson has documented over five-hundred new ants species – documented from around the world.

And not only that, connecting the dots in how most of all life of Earth might adhere to the same principles of sociobiology – including the human animal – has created groundbreaking new ways of looking at ourselves and the animals we live side by side with.

To facilitate Wilson’s studies throughout Lord of the Ants, famed actor Harrison Ford narrates.

Lord of the Ants
  • Info
  • Release date2008
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)David Dugan
  • Part of the seriesNOVA