Klin Wara: Ultimate Papua New Guinea

Discover the Papua New Guinean culture and ocean floor with underwater adventurer and filmmaker John Boyle. Here, the marine biodiversity gathers around remote sea mounts, old sunken World War Two aircrafts and a jungle of coral reefs.

These waters are home to some of the more uncommon sea creatures on the planet, and on land: culture flourishes while marked by societies of isolated tribes where strange and gruesome traditions still survive.

This nature documentary is the result of these explorations. In this remote and ancient place, John experiences the gifts of a multifaceted marine dome of life.

Join in as we explore with John and see the pristine coral reefs, the unique sea creatures, a huge deep blue hole in a nearby jungle, and even witness the longest creature to live on our planet.

Klin Wara: Ultimate Papua New Guinea
  • Info
  • Release date2008
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)John Boyle
  • Part of the seriesWonders of the Deep
  • Production companyShark Bay Films