Jailed in America

Jailed in America follows film-maker Roger Ross Williams as he investigates the prison system in America and reconnects with childhood friends who’s now in jail or have been.

To Roger, this film is a deeply personal journey into the heart of the American prison system.

The documentary starts in Roger’s own hometown. Here he finds himself navigating a bureaucratic labyrinth of powerful institutions: police precincts, courtrooms, local jails, maximum security prisons and corporate empires.

As he begins to explore a massive and dysfunctional system, he encounters complicit politicians and prison profiteers, each with their own self-serving motivations to maintain the status quo.

Roger comes face to face with those who are trapped behind the walls of the prison industrial complex and the families struggling to survive on the outside.

He searches for solutions within the tangled web of political, social, and economic forces that drive the biased system, which has ensnared so many of his friends.

Jailed in America
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  • Release date2018
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Roger Ross Williams