Jade Carving

with master Song Shiyi

This short documentary tells the story of master jade carver by the name Song Shiyi, he has cut jade for nearly thirty years.

From small objects to masterpieces, from anaglyphs to medallions, from landscapes to figures, from traditional to modern style, Song Shiyi is well versed in a wide range of carving skills and themes.

Rigorous design, reasonable idea and delicate craft have always been his style and pursuit.

The film documents the whole process of carving a jade stone into exquisite art.

This requires a delicate touch and a deep thought pattern regarding the design. Usually Shiyi lets the jade stone “talk” to him, based on its colors and shapes.

To round things up, the documentary displays Song Shiyi’s artwork spanning his entire career.

Jade Carving
  • Info
  • Release date2017
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Zhang Nan, Wang Qiong
  • Part of the seriesHeritage on Fingertips