In the Mind of Plants

Plants are vital source of life, providing sustenance and oxygen to humans and animal alike – but are plants sentient?

To understand the complexity of the plant sensory system better, Jacques Mitsch’s In the Minds of Plants set out to fully explore every angle.

We’ll see how scientific curiosity is put to the test studying the plant kingdom, unravelling new theories and scientific understanding.

Some of these theories argue that plants have achieved an evolutionary sophistication that has surpassed even that of animals.

Throughout the documentary we’ll wonder with scientists: Can a plant learn? Can it have a mind?

What is the limit of a plant, are they able to perceive environments? Can they feel the touch of a human hand or even pain? Do plants sleep or remember?

All of the answers to these questions seem to expand every day with our growing scientific plant knowledge.

Investigate the Minds of Plants as we unravel the plant kingdom and gain access to their perception, senses and biological choices for survival.

In the Mind of Plants
  • Info
  • Release date2009
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Jacques Mitsch
  • Also known asL' Esprit des plantes