In the Age of AI

Frontline presents In the Age of AI – a full documentary film on the promise and perils of artificial intelligence.

In a time where algorithms and technology is destined to bring in new ages of prosperity, the artificial intelligences have flourished. Molded and trained through machine learning, the AI have risen to become faster and more clever.

With this virtual servant, humankind has risen to new heights with its help. In our modern society, the AI is everywhere – lending its hand to huge scientific data crunching tasks, playing your choice of music or driving your car for you. It is intertwined with our society, becoming the technological life-blood of modernity.

But with an all-encompassing AI, the world is changing rapidly. The reshaping has already started, where jobs have been overtaken by artificial intelligences and new ones have been created.

It is an industrial revolution on an unprecedented scale which has the chance to empower humanity towards a better existence.

This communication from humans to machine, however, requires nonstop listening. Allowing the emergence of a surveillance society begs the question: How big a threat will artificial intelligences become if control lands in the wrong hands?

With the constant fears of privacy loss and the AIs becoming more and more integrated in our lives, are the technological postive impacts enough? Join Frontline as they investigate the age of AI and unravel the world of supercomputers.

In the Age of AI
  • Info
  • Release date2019
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Neil Docherty, David Fanning