How the Devil Got His Horns

A Diabolical Tale

Art historian Alastair Sooke reveals how the Devil’s image was created by artists in the Middle Ages.

He discovers how visual interpretations of Satan evolved between the birth of Christ and the Renaissance, and how the Devil was depicted in an array of different guises, including tempter, tyrant and rebellious angel.

Alastair shows how artists used their imaginations to give form to Satan, whose description is otherwise absent from the Bible.

Join in as we explore some of the most remarkable art in Europe, and listen in as Alastair tells the stories behind that art, examines the religious texts and draws parallel to what inspired and influenced the artists.

The productive result is a rich and unique representation of how art and religion have combined to define images of good and evil.

How the Devil Got His Horns
  • Info
  • Release date2012
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Dominic Gallagher
  • Production companyZodiak Media