Grizzly Man

Grizzly man follows the life of Timothy Treadwell, a man who found his calling in the Alaskan wilderness alongside the endangered grizzly bear animals.

Throughout the documentary, filmmaker Werner Herzog connects us with Timothy through his private video vlogging footage and interviews with people who knew him.

Alongside Herzog’s brilliant narration, the footage shows us a deeply troubled man whose view on nature and grizzly bears has become heavily romanticized.

With this stark contrast in mind, Timothys mind is warped when he’s finally confronted with the harsh realities of nature.

In nature, where the dark underbelly of survival revels in killing, Timothy refused to instill this notion of darkness into his version of the pristine and otherwise wonderful mother nature.

The same viewpoint was true to bears, unbelieving as to them being harsh killers – and only gentle giants who he had befriended.

In reality, however, every bear ever meeting Timothy had a glazed and indifferent look in their eyes – one where only food had an interest.

As Herzog pulls us deeper into this black hole of mental anguish, ultimately Timothy’s fate is unveiled.

Death. Together with his girlfriend Amie Huguenard they were mauled and eaten to death by a rogue bear.

Grizzly Man
  • Info
  • Release date2005
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Werner Herzog