What’s life like off the grid in Latvia?

Produced by Northmen, Grandfather is a full documentary film following the daily routine and lifestyle of seventy-four year old Latvian man as he works to secure his home and sustain his livelihood off the grid.

Showing his life through only one day each season, Grandfather is a view into a life of hard, yet also, fulfilling farm work.

In this hard working man’s life, self sufficiency, independence and love for horses is the norm.

Shown through the lens of his film maker son, “Grandfather’s” life shows a hardened man fighting to stay afloat while living off the grid.

To him, living off the grid is the way of life – a life he’s always lived.

Grandfather turned 76 in May 2019. Since his wife passed away 10 years ago he works on his farm almost alone.

When he finally does talk about loneliness, Grandfather says: “I do not need anyone to help me – I have horses…”

  • Info
  • Release date2019
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Jacob Dimiter
  • Production companyNorthmen