For the Love of God

The man who thinks he's Jesus

For the Love of God is a unique and compelling documentary examining the world of a man who believes he has had a 2000 year existence as Jesus Christ.

Featured on Sky News, ITV’s This Morning, and the BBC, former IT worker Alan John Miller has been heralded by the media as a fantasist, and even a dangerous cult leader.

However, his teachings are global, reaching tens of thousands across the internet, and his followers worship him worldwide, funding his preaching and tours.

Many travel thousands of miles to hear him teach, where he is often accompanied by his partner Mary Magdalene.

Who are the people behind The Divine Truth movement and why do they flock to a self-proclaimed Australian Jesus? Find out as we delve deep into For the Love of God.

Filming The Divine Truth

As a common means to protect their ideas and integrity, The Divine Truth films everyone who’s interested in making a documentary on them.

As the documentary host (Thomas Leader) interviews the movement, a Divine Truth camera is always present – besides that of the documentary crew’s camera.

A dinner at the cult compound, a car-ride to the airport with Alan Miller, illustrates some of the many situations like this.


Since creating this documentary, the documentary team has had a complicated relationship with the Divine Truth movement. Alan and Mary has refused further cooperation, as they feel this documentary is set up to character assassinate, both towards the movement and Alan’s Jesus persona.

Although the documentary host does believe The Divine Truth movement as inherently good, all contact has been cut between the two parties.

For the Love of God
  • Info
  • Release date2015
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Thomas Leader
  • Production companyA Revolutionary Leader