First Man

How did humans evolve? Let’s find out as we experience millions of years of primate evolution in the documentary First Man.

Using re-enactment and explanatory narrative to showcase our genetic past, First Man seeks to track the evolutionary footprints of humanity throughout millions of years and thousands of miles of migration.

The documentary film starts 13 million years ago where our old ancestor Pierolapithecus catalaunicus lurks in the tree tops. From there and onwards in time, we”ll experience the full story of how our genetic ancestors evolved into us and the world they inhabited.

Driven by a paleoanthropologist narrative, the documentary seeks a full picture of our natural human past but lacks the entire story due to our current gaps of knowledge.

Some of these gaps are filled to suit the imagination of the documentary – effectively instilling guesswork into the film. Digging into our past is very much still an on-going project.

Yet, by providing an engaging story, stunning cinematography and great re-enactment; humanities evolutionary past still shines for us to learn where we once came from.

First Man
  • Info
  • Release date8 June, 2017
  • Full runtime1 hour 33 min
  • Directed byFrédéric Fougea, Jérôme Guio
  • Written byAlain-Michel Blanc, Frederic Fougea, Stephanie Valloatto
  • Produced byFrédéric Fougea, Patricia Boutinard Rouelle
  • Production CompaniesNilaya Productions, Boreales, Winds Films
  • Produced forM6, ZDF, CCTV9, SVT, NRK, CuriosityStream