Extreme lives: Cannibals and Crampons

Cannibals and Crampons follows two British ex-army officers’ journey as they set out to explore Mandela, a remote mountain rising above the dense tropical jungle of New Guinea.

The long winded journey through the thick jungle canopy to the mountain itself is a long and arduous trek, one filled with both natural dangers, physical exhaustion and nearby roaming indigenous cannibal tribes.

Its a travel which will challenge the two Brits to the limit, while pertaining the glory of an exploration most will never see in their lives.

Travelling light, the Brits will carry their own small cameras and provisions into the heart of the New Guinea jungles.

Here, they’ll completely leave behind modern civilization and open up to unknown territory where tribal warfare is continuously carried out on an every day basis.

Extreme lives: Cannibals and Crampons
  • Info
  • Release date2001
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Mark Anstice, Bruce Parry
  • Part of the seriesExtreme Lives
  • Production companyGinger Television