Goelta travels the lands in search of his lost clan, an enclave of hunters and forestwalkers like him who vanished […]
Hulmyrr’s home lies deep in the snow-capped mountains of Myl. Here his hermit lifestyle has given him a peaceful existence […]
Aptly named “The Sculpturer of Flesh”, Shal-Uluts has spend most of his life correcting the fleshly visuals of the living. […]
Terribly disfigured from an early age, the black mage Xult wears a white expressionless mask to cover his face. His […]
Born of the slime beneath the catacombs of Nethren-Sha, Bhrolhea lingers in the shadows of the deepest and darkest pits. […]
Born of the Long-Suffering, Gotarimm was yet another child of the Kaz-Djom cult. Symbolic art of the Kaz-Djom cult Trained […]
Alandala (circle of the Moon) grew up in a forest, raised by a white deer (Reindorf) only she could see. […]
Permanently transformed into a fireball, Ekon hunts for a cure to turn back into her half-elf form. Trapped in her […]
Although having humble beginnings as an elf, Öoö gradually evolved towards an ethereal force through carefully crafted magic gathered over […]
Bardass is a human construct created by combining the etheral powers of the afterlife and an epic rock concert assembled […]