Discovering Psychology

With psychologist host Philip Zimbardo

Discovering Psychology is a massive 26-part documentary series taking on every aspect of psychology: the scientific study of the mind and behaviour.

Although this series was first released in 1990 it is still heralded today as one of the go-to documentary series on psychology.

Hosted by Philip Zimbardo, famed psychologist and brain behind the Stanford Experiment, each episode delves into how our minds works and why we take the choices we do.

The series starts an overview of what psychology is, continuing down the path of what psychology was sculptured to be over the ages.

From here, every episode focus on a specific psychological narrative like: How the brain functions, why human cultures can contribute to self identity, how human maturity leads to a slightly different thought pattern, language development and how it grows our skillsets, exploring our sexuality and much – much – more.

Although Discovering Psychology is a bit outdated, core values in human psychology – such as to why we do what we do – are still factual from the documentary episodes.

The entirety of episodes are a treasure trove of psychology meant for anyone who’s interested in psychology or those studying in the field.

Discovering Psychology
  • Info
  • Release date1990
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Philip Zimbardo