Cannibal Island

It may seem like the stuff of horror movies and history books, yet, in the deepest jungles of Papua New Guinea, Cannibal Island shows that cannibalism is more than just a slice of gruesome folklore.

Eager to separate fact from fiction, British writer and explorer, Piers Gibbon ventures into some of the remotest areas of this hugely diverse nation, where he comes face to face with an array of remarkable individuals.

With no electricity or running water and a three day trek to the nearest telephone, the traditional tribal way of life has remained largely untouched.

The big question is however, has cannibalism made it into the 21st century?

In his search for an answer, Piers finds himself chatting with locals who are surprisingly candid about their cannibal past.

With no apparent taboo over the issue, he is able to gather first-hand accounts of the killing and eating of fellow human beings suspected of being witches.

Piers also encounters an ageing missionary who has lived among the villagers for nearly 40 years, and can recall a time when cannibalism was commonplace.

But are there still cannibals today? Let’s find out.

Cannibal Island
  • Info
  • Release date2011
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Osca Humphreys
  • Production companySwan Films