Burma’s Open Road

An Insight Into Myanymar

Burma’s Open Road explores the lives of diverse individuals whose livelihoods depend on, or will be impacted by, a road linking together Burma, India and China.

Those who are for the road forecast a economical growth and see it as a lifeline for trade and tourism.

Yet the detractors believe the road will have disastrous effects on the environment and facilitate smuggling in the region. But what does the future really hold? And how can the Burmese regain the peaceful balance they so desperately crave?

To figure it all out, this documentary leans on the guided words of a village monks, enters the lives of opium growers, soldiers, local shopkeepers, gold miners, poachers, park rangers and villagers.

Listening to their stories gives a better idea of what life in Myanmar is like, each tale is connected only by their comings and goings on the road to an uncertain future.

Burma’s Open Road
  • Info
  • Release date2007
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)David Adams
  • Production companyDavid Adams Films