Apocalypse: Stalin

Apocalypse: Stalin follows the rise of russian leader Stalin, his early beginnings as a ruthless criminal and eventual cold-blooded ruler of the Soviet Union.

Spread out over three different episodes, the series uses real footage which was painstakingly recreated, remade and colorized.

Like the documentary series’ Apocalypse: The Second World War, Apocalypse: World War 1 and Hitler’s Rise: The Colour Films – Apocalypse: Stalin takes on the same kind of format of walking the viewer through real historical films while narrating the scenes to facilitate the contexts.

These films cover the earliest known films of Stalin alongside his governance of Russia during World War 2.

Episode 1: Demon

Episode 1: Demon

This first episode focuses on Joseph Stalin’s early life and his political activities before, during and after the Russian revolution.

With help from people like Lenin, these political activities helped cement Stalin’s position as a leader for the USSR.

Episode 2: Red

Episode 2: Red

The series continues as the second episode unfolds.

The year is 1942 and the world is plunged into World War 2. During this time, we’ll see Stalin leadership in full throttle as the USSR is attacked by Hitler’s Germany.

The Nazi empire is encroaching on Russia’s territory and the USSR cannot fail. The world’s fate will be decided in Stalingrad. Like in Leningrad, men, women and children, pushed into hell, are sacrificed.

Episode 3: Master of the Worlds

Episode 3: Master of the World

Episode three continues the Stalin saga. This time the year is 1944 and the Soviets continue on the path towards liberation.

On the road to Berlin, they discover the horror of Hitler’s extermination camps. Fifteen years earlier, Stalin transformed his country using every means at his disposal.

Apocalypse: Stalin
  • Info
  • Release date2015
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Fabrice Puchault
  • Production companyCC&C Clarke Costelle & Cie