Africa’s Dragon Mountains

Explore Drakensberg and its wildlife in Africa’s Dragon Mountain. Situated in South Africa, Drakenberg is a mountain range normally referred to as Dragon Mountains.

These mountains are home to a variety of different animals who all strive towards survival in a landscape of overwhelming, pitiless power.

The local myth tells of a dragon who was hatched from the volcanic furnaces of Gondwanaland in Southern Africa. The dragon grew in size to encompass the landscape twisting it in its own image. It stretched across the subcontinent, its spine arching even above the clouds.

Starvation festers beneath the shimmering green of its dragon skin. But to the wildlife that live along its flanks, it can be a bountiful provider as well as a remorseless killer.

Join in as we set out to explore the nature and wildlife of Drakenberg. Here we’ll investigate and follow the giant antelope, bone-cracking vultures and raucous baboons as they struggle to survive in a land of extremes.

Predators like the serval cats and jackals patrol the slopes watching for any weakness and a multitude of bearded vultures fly overhead ready to attack.

Eland antelope face constant challenges straight from birth and climb high to find food but avoid wildfires, freezing rain and starvation on the way.

Despite these battles, this mountain kingdom offers some respite in summer and allows life to cling on in Africa’s stunning Dragon Mountains.

Welcome to Drakensberg – Africa’s Dragon Mountain.

Africa’s Dragon Mountains
  • Info
  • Release date2010
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Lynne Richardson, Philip Richardson
  • Part of the seriesThe Secrets of Nature