A Murder In The Family

This documentary follows the story of a woman fighting to prove her daughter-in-law was responsible for her son’s death.

On a hot night in 2002, a murder took place in Manila, Philippines. The victim was a British business man named Steven Alston Davis. His death would transform the life of his mother, Margaret Davis, forever.

For years, the case would go unsolved, while Margaret battled to piece together the clues to his death. Using every ounce of time, effort and money she had, her life became consumed in trying to figure out who had killed her son.

Evelyn Bohol, Steve’s wife, find herself at the very heart of these investigations.

Where are they now

Evelyn Bohol is still in prison for murdering her husband, she was given 40 years without remission.

Margaret Davis still lives in the U.K. where she takes care of her son’s kids – Joshua and Jessica. Every Christmas Margaret supposedly sends Evelyn Bohol a Christmas letter. In these Christmas letters she accounts for how her kids are doing well and how they are living a better life.

Old friends of Steven Alston Davis also sends their greetings during Christmas. Steven’s old go-to bar ‘Harry The Horse’ in Angeles city, Philippines, has sent some of the letters below. These letters were publicly available some years back on their website, but have since been deleted from their website and preserved beneath. However, some of their thoughts still remain online.

A letter from 2012, writes:

Evelyn, your two children Jessica and Joshua are growing into fine young children. Jessica is beautiful and Josh is handsome. They are well cared for, getting a good education and not missing their evil mother at all. I hope you are continuing to suffer a lousy life in prison and I continue to regret that you escaped a death sentence. The fact that you got a life sentence, 40 years, without remission, is a little satisfying. Knowing you will never see your children again is even more satisfying. They are having a fine Christmas, may yours be absolutely terrible.

In 2014, a letter wrote:

As usual I have included the updated picture of her children that she will never again hold in her arms, children that will never love her and only remember her as the greedy bitch that killed him for money and to be with her Filipino boyfriend. Like I wrote every year, I never know if she ever sees this message, I can only hope that someone gets it to her each year. The following is a message from Margaret and her husband Allan.

The kids are doing very well, Jessica is in the final year in high school and is looking to go to university to do business studies and sociology. Joshua is in the 2nd year in high school and wants to become a computer programmer. Wonder where he gets that from? They are very good and stable kids, and we are so proud of them both…

another Christmas letter from 2016, writes:

Now, I must send my annual Christmas greeting to the killer wife of Steven Davis. Evelyn dear I sincerely hope that you are having a miserable life in jail. Again I will include pictures of your two children that you will never meet again. Josh and Jessica are being well cared for by Margaret Davis and her husband Alan. They are being well educated and have a bright future in front of them.

I do not know if a murderer such as you can shed a tear but maybe seeing the kids you once shared with Steven might break through your greedy hard heart.

A Murder In The Family
  • Info
  • Release date2005
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Katinka Blackford Newman
  • Production companyGranada Television