300 Days Alone

300 Days Alone follows Swiss adventurer and snowboarder Xavier Rosset as he spends 10 months alone on an island called Tofua in the Pacific Ocean.

Taking on this modern day Robinson Crusoe expedition, Xavier travels to the lone island with only the clothes on his back, a swiss knife, a medical kit, a satellite phone, solar panels to charge his electrical equipment and a machete.

The following 300 days are spent in solitude as Xavier battles the elements and his own mental state in order to survive.

During the first 2 months Xavier lost 18 kgs (40 pounds). It wasn’t until he was able to trap and kill the wild pigs on the island he started gaining weight once again.

In the process, Xavier one day comes across a baby pig. Unable to kill it, he befriends the baby pig and escapes the dreaded loneliness he suffers from.

Living on an isolated island, however, is an uphill battle. Along every part of the island life we’ll get an insight from Xavier on how it really is to live there.

Xavier mentioned after the documentary was filmed that he didn’t feel at peace on the island until 8 months after arriving.

Viewed as a “raw” survival experience 300 Days Alone secures us an insight as to what living alone on a deserted island really is like.

300 Days Alone
  • Info
  • Release date2009
  • Full runtime
  • Director(s)Olivier Vittel
  • Production companyUn Regard Sur Le Monde